Friday, October 21, 2011

Children's Health - Steps to Prevent Childhood Obesity

So you eat out regularly and the children tag along as well. You spoil them with all the junk food they want. You think that you are a good parent because you give your children what they require.

You look at your children and realise that they are FAT! They don't do sport, hate exercise but love doing other less stressful thing. Obesity has never been a problem amongst children like it is today. Preventing childhood obesity is not as difficult as it may seem. It starts with you the parent. Open the fridge and see what you buy them. Look at how you feed them. Preventing childhood obesity starts with you! Change the eating habits of your children. Get them into an exercise routine. Yes that is right... Cut their access to social media. They are young and should be out running in the back yard. Not loafing around on chat sites, watching television, etc. Get involved in their lives and encourage them to play a sport. And I do not mean that they play baseball on their game console and your encouragement ends with you playing with them.

A healthy diet, good excercise and quality family time will prevent childhood obesity making an unhealthy appearance in your family. You do know that fat children develop breathing problems, heart problems (blood pressure either too high or too low) and they are tired most of the time.

Now is the time to really act and stop this from ruining the next generation.

Childhood obesity is a world-wide problem. The more junk food we consume the more unhealthy we become. And if it is okay for us to eat, then so it will be for our children. We even force them to finish their soda, because you paid for it and hate it when they waste food that you have paid for.

I have more helpful hints that you may find interesting and implement in your life. It will be beneficial for your whole family. Obesity is just as serious as some of the most dangerous diseases out there in the world. Be wise and act now. These words may sound like a infomercial, but I will say it over and over till I can say it no more.

Please visit my blog site, read through the information there. If you are like me and have fat child/ren, then I urge you to read blog and many others that I have found quite useful. Their links can be found on my site as well.

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