Sunday, October 16, 2011

Obesity Is a Killer

That's right, sit back in your comfortable armchair, stuffing your face with crisps, beef burgers, etc. Slug back that can of beer. We will all watch you as you slowly sink into oblivion. Are you getting any pains across your chest, you should be, it's your heart telling you something is wrong. Mind you, you may not go out with a heart attack, it will probably be the diabetes that gets you.

It is not a nice outlook but it's the truth, YOU are killing yourself.

Being obese puts a tremendous strain on the heart, with high blood pressure, not forgetting the bone structure and joints.

The quality of your life is a downward spiral. You never get any exercise nowadays do you?

Could it be your weight is getting you down?

A few facts for you to ponder upon according to Professor Klim McPherson from Oxford University. Obesity levels in the UK are set to rise by more than 70% in the next 20 years if past trends continue. This would add 11 million people to the present 15 million, which means that in another 20 years there will be 26 million obese people.

This would put an enormous pressure on the health services.

You could reduce that number by one if you just take stock of your life, IF you made a small change in your diet, it would have an effect on your weight quite quickly. You can still have some crisps and beer, it's just you have to make changes in what you eat. Try eating more fish, fruit and salads and soon you will notice the difference, you won't be so out of breath and you will start to feel a lot better. Ease off the bread and doughnuts, cut down on sugary food intake. Try to plan out your own simple diet. There are lots of free help in setting up a diet.

Don't worry about any exercises; those will come later when you feel up to it. Though, you could do arm exercises in your armchair, like I say, slow but sure, that's the way.

Going on Fad Crash Diets is not the way, so forget about them. Losing weight too quickly can be dangerous, the easy simple no pressure way works best.

Don't lose heart and give up after a week, just persevere, the weight will slowly come off and you will have a tremendous feeling that you did it all by yourself.

My motto is Don't Lose Heart, Lose Weight.

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