Monday, October 17, 2011

Obesity Is Not Only Killing America

People are getting fatter in all corners of the world. The World Health Organization predicts there will be 2.3 billion overweight adults and over 700 million obese adults in the world by the year 2015. This epidemic is a modern day disaster. Fifty years ago, statistical data wasn't kept about this deadly disease. Most everyone identifies the burgeoning world wide fast food industry as the number one culprit of this crisis. However true, sedentary professions, stressful jobs, lack of exercise and the convenience of motorized vehicles also contribute to the far reaching problem. Most disturbing are the recent trends and current statistics showing how obesity has rampantly spread to our children. Obesity experts are alarmed by studies suggesting obesity runs in families suggesting a possible genetic link between individuals and obesity.

Keep in mind; obesity in families may also be attributed to family members sharing common dietary and lifestyle habits as well as similar attitudes toward exercise and physical regimens. Parents have a strong influence over the children they raise. They directly affect the shopping habits of their kids as well as their personal hygiene and self esteem. Recent trends show that obese children and adolescents frequently grow up to be obese adults. This trait is one we should not pass on to the next generation.

Our environment can also affect the outrageous obesity rate. Would you believe me if I told you air conditioning can contribute to obesity? Second to lack of sleep, cooled air and a comfortable temperature encourages an individual to eat more food. Research has shown that persons placed in inclement environments tend to eat much less. Graphical data points between obesity rate and air conditioning usage illustrates the correlation between the spread of air conditioning across the world and the rise of obesity. Sleep doctors hypothesize, a lack of sleep severely jolts the body's metabolic system, expending greater amounts of instant energy.

University of Chicago researcher Esra Tasali notes that waistlines in modern societies started to expand as people started to sleep less. Nowadays, the 'sleep deficit' is two hours per night compared with 40 years ago. Over time society has become educated and made increasingly aware of the addictive dangers of smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol. Recent studies confirm individuals who give up any one of the aforementioned addictions will often gain weight immediately afterward. Legal and illicit drugs produce chemical stimulation to the body triggering an addictive effect. Such stimulation can also block unpleasant feelings and people suffering from addictive eating disorders use chemical stimulation to curb unbearable urges of hunger. The fastest way to defeat any disorder is to recognize the addiction and get the appropriate help.

Through a combination of proprietary products, mental and nutritional counseling my methodology is known to aid rapid fat loss, amplifies lean body mass, improves energy and increases overall metabolic rate. Whatever caused your weight gain, one thing is for sure. It is time to stop the spiraling obesity roller coaster ride you are on and reclaim your life. A shorter life span and not living your life to its fullest is not acceptable! You have the power within you, "Training of the body starts with the mind!" I have placed the facts on the table and only you hold the key to control your destiny. You can stop dieting and end your weight loss struggles forever.

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