Thursday, October 27, 2011

Treatment For a Bloated Stomach

For those of us who suffer from a stomach bloating, the two things we need to ask ourselves is what is the actual cause of a bloated stomach and then, what is a good treatment for a bloated stomach. Once we have answered the first, we can address the second. Over the last decade I have spends countless hours searching for a cure to what ailed me. While I wasn't specifically looking for a treatment for a bloated stomach as there were other things causing me more discomfort, in finding a cure for me, my bloated stomach was no longer an issue, and here's why.

The cause of having a bloated stomach is the release of hydrogen gas into your digestive track by micro bacteria (yeasts and Candida). In effect, what you are actually experiencing is a bloated intestinal track as it fills with gas. The gaseous hydrogen often works its way to your stomach and can then continue heading up causing you to burp. So now that we know that the actual cause of your bloated stomach is the yeast and Candida living in your gut lets focus on a treatment for a bloated stomach!

In a healthy individual, the intestines are managed by a ratio of 80% beneficial bacteria and 20% none beneficial. This ratio, however, in over 70% of the population is completely reversed causing all sorts of symptoms such as an uncomfortable bloated stomach. So what is the treatment for a bloated stomach? Eliminate the yeast and Candida, promote the healthy growth of the good bacteria and restore the balance of the ratio in your gut!

Step 1: Find a good yeast cleanse program. Be careful, many of the programs out there don't really focus on the actual problem but rather simply promote a healthy lifestyle change. While there is nothing wrong this, we want a program that truly addresses the act of killing the yeast and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Programs will include information on a good pro biotic and all the yeast killing supper foods such as Kale, Curry, Pau De Arco Tea and Oil of Oregano. Add these foods to your diet now as a fast treatment for a bloated stomach while you finish killing all the yeast!

Step 2: Yeast live on simple sugars! This includes candy, soda, breads, pasta, white rice, pastries and all of those other tasty foods we love so much. Give your body a rest from these foods for a month. Eat a diet of lots of veggies and healthy meats. Vegetables alkalize your body, creating a friendly environment for the good bacteria we want to promote and is one the best treatments for a bloated stomach!

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