Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Mindset of Obesity

Oh! I wish I could lose some weight; just a few pounds would be nice.

How many times have you heard people say that? It seems they are struggling to come to a decision about losing weight. Day after day they keep asking themselves, "what should I do? do I go on a diet or try some exercises", " I'll look up some diets and see what they can do for me", "Ah! That looks good I'll go for that and I will start after the weekend."

What, Which, Whether, When, Why, indecision sets in.

1, What should I go for, diet or exercises?

2, Which is the best, A, program, B, plan, XYZ, diet.

3, Whether to go to a dietician or my doctor.

4, When should I start? Today, next week or make a new year's resolution.

5, Why should I bother. I am never going to lose weight, it's too late.

That is the big problem, Obesity seems to have a mindset all of its own. It seems that once you become obese you think "It's not my fault, it is in the genes and nothing I do is going to make any difference. I may as well live with it"

Wrong!, that is the mindset talking. Don't listen to it, make a firm resolution to try something, you have to break out of the spell and give yourself a bit of peace.

The biggest problem for obese people is the weight that they are carrying around; any movement they make is an effort, which is far in excess of that which a normal weight person has to contend with. This knocks obese people's thoughts against any change, because it is too much effort. They just give up.

Obesity is vicious; it creeps up on you day by day, laying down layers of fat around the hips, on the tummy and around the heart. Clogging and slowing everything down, even the thought processes are not immune.

You are probably between 30 to 40 years old and nothing to look forward to. You cannot go out and enjoy yourself like you used to and clothes to fit you are a bitch to find. Chairs and car seats are not big enough for you. I bet you the bed has complained a lot lately.

All is not lost; you have to ignore the "Mindset" talking to you. Make one last concerted effort to change your ways, set out a plan of action and PLEASE stick to it.

My motto for today is; A little effort makes a hell of a difference.

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