Saturday, September 10, 2011

3 Simple Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity unfortunately is no longer shocking, and a huge number of children are now suffering from this chronic condition. The numbers are rising every year and health professionals are concerned that it doesn't look to be improving. All children learn from their parents and often it is due to their bad eating habits that this problem is getting worse.

Although you may not want to deprive your children, you are in fact, making the problem far worse by allowing them to eat the foods they do. Parents need to provide healthy diets and eating the right foods will ensure that your children learn by example. There are several things that you can do as parents to ensure that your child's health and weight does not get any worse. Slowly you can ensure that your children appreciate and understand the right ways to eat foods.

Simple Tip #1 - Treats are great and all parents should have some in the house as rewards for good behavior, and to spoil the children. However, they should be kept as treats and not given out every day for no apparent reason. If your child begins to learn that they will receive the treats for no reason, they will not appreciate them.

Unfortunately, the best treats are always the most sugary and high in fat, very rarely will a child ask for fruit as a treat. All of the healthy options can be given throughout the day as your child snacks, and the treats kept separately for those special occasions. The obesity children suffer from is a result of them eating the wrong things and too much of them.

Simple Tip #2 - Although it can seem convenient to take the children grocery shopping, this can in fact be the worst thing that you can do. Not only will it make the whole trip far longer as they will ask for everything they know they are not allowed, but also it will cost you far more. Grocery stores love to target children, and know that placing sugary items everywhere will encourage the children to ask, nag and scream for them.

Child obesity does not happen overnight, and you have been encouraging bad habits for far too long, which need to be changed. If your children only have healthy food in the house, they will have no other options other than to eat these foods.

Simple Tip #3 - Although diet is very important, exercise is equally vital to help with the obesity children are suffering.

Getting your child up and moving is essential, and there are a huge number of different activities they can do. The word sports scare some children, and not all children enjoy exercising, however, even small things like walking and running can help to get your child active. There are many games consoles today that allow your children to be active without leaving the house.

Making the effort to find solutions to your child's health, you will be helping to educate the next generation. If your children grow up leading healthy lifestyles, they will pass this information on to their children. Hopefully if all parents make the effort the problem of child obesity can be dealt with before it is too late.

Darragh Holland is a Cavan Personal Trainer and also runs his own Bootcamps. He has helped people to lose weight and get toned so be sure to check out his Cavan personal training studio.

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