Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reduce Abdominal Fat - 4 Essential Steps to Finally Flatten Your Stomach For Good

Abdominal fat is just disgusting. Having a bulging and protruding mid-section doesn't really look good whether you're a man or a woman. It's attention grabbing and object of ridicule. If you have abdominal fat, you need not suffer all the mocking remarks and scornful looks. Now is the best time to make change and improve yourself, not merely for physical reasons, but for a far more serious reason - your health. Make a conscious decision to finally reduce abdominal fat now, not tomorrow not next week.

Truth is, abdominal fat is the most dangerous bundle of fat accumulated in the body. This is because your internal organs are in the abdominal cavity, and their well-being is being compromised due to fat in-between and around the organs. This posed some serious concern. The good thing is, abdominal fat can be controlled and removed. I have here 4 vital ways to help you lose abdominal fat for good:

Lessen Calorie In-take

Even if you're doing strenuous exercises but you're not lessening calorie in-take nothing will happen; you will just get stuck to your original weight and body size. In order to lose around 1 pound per week, decrease your current calorie level by about 500 calories. Just remember to never consume less than 1,100 calories as this is not healthy anymore.

You must cut calorie consumption slowly and safe. Drastic change or suddenly losing pounds at once is a bit unhealthy and has possibility that the lost pounds will come back just as fast.

Do Extensive Exercise

"Spot-burn" abdominal fat is not effective. You need to have a regimen that would help you lose whole body fat instead of spot reduction. Aerobic exercise is the best. It makes you breathe hard while using the large muscle groups at a regular, even pace.

Your body uses stored carbohydrate and it is circulating fatty acids for energy thereby making you lose weight. To effectively lose body fat, adding resistance training with your aerobic exercise is the best. You can make use of resistance bands, exercise machines or free weights.

Drink 3 liters of Water/day

Water is an essential and indispensable liquid sustenance no one can live without. Well-hydrated body assists your muscles and organs to work efficiently. When your whole system is working well, your metabolic rate increases and you will feel more active. Your metabolism burns calories 3% faster with the help of water.

Metabolism is vital in losing weight and in flushing out toxins and fat so it's significant to give your body what it needs like enough water sustenance in order for it to work to its full capacity.

Understanding Health Risks linked with Abdominal Fat

Knowing and understanding the health risks related to having abdominal fat will definitely pump you up to do everything to reduce belly fat. These related illnesses are not simple health issues that can easily be cured. Having diabetes, cancer, hypertension or heart ailment is not a joke. These are life-threatening conditions that are very costly and entail life long medications.

Now please pay attention here:

Having abdominal fat is a serious matter. It is a medical issue that needs to be addressed the soonest possible time to avoid health risks and complications in the future. Coronary heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension, and Gynecological problems are just some of the ailments that may befall those obese and overweight.

You can always diet and exercise on your own but it is better to ask assistance and try proven alternative programs in the market. One such proven diet program that is receiving rave reviews is the "calorie shifting diet" from Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

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