Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Scary New Facts About The Cause For Obesity

The bare fact: if you take more calories than of what is required of your body in a daily basis, the excess will be stored as fat thus gaining weight. Too much of these, over a period of time, will surely make you obese.

There are various causes of obesity like eating habits, heredity or genetics, inadequate physical activity and etc. but the main cause for obesity is eating habits like overeating and improper diet.

A person's metabolism says how the calorie you would take be used. It varies from person to person but if you take more of what your body needs calories will be stored. Simply, the major causes of obesity are taking in more than what your body needs.

You must be of great watch on what you eat. Nowadays, we are more exposed into great food. The most available in the market are those with high amount of calorie and fat. Thus, making it easy to make imbalance one's diet. We usually establish our eating habit, or diet, during the middle of our twenty's. Also, during this stage is where we get busy with life chasing our careers majority tend to reduce our physical activity. And this eating habit we carry until middle age. Simply saying that the causes of obesity slink slowly as our activities slows down and our enthusiasm over food stays the same. Hence, improper eating habit is to blame for obesity.

Another cause for obesity, as mentioned, is inadequate physical activity. Calories are stored as fat. And we use carbohydrates, fat and protein as source of energy but the fuel depends on how the body is using the energy. We all know that fat has two-times of calorie than that of carbohydrates. We can equate that using more fats as fuel means losing more unwanted fats in the body.

We use energy in various physical activities and the fuel depends on what activity we are doing. For higher strength exercise, such as fast pace running, our body uses carbohydrates as fuel rather than fat. It is because of our body's metabolism. While doing high-intensity exercise, the pathways to combust carbohydrates are more accessible than of the pathways for fat which makes carbohydrates as main source of fuel during this kind of exercise. Fat is used as fuel for energy in longer and slower exercise. But when it comes to weight loss, it does not matter what fuel you use - may it be carbohydrates your burning or fat - the essence it that we don't take much more calorie than what we burn.

One surely would want to avoid these causes of obesity, not just because one needs to be in shape for aesthetic value but, being healthy means longer life. One must be conscious not to become obese for some health effects such as abnormal blood clotting, enlargement of the heart, coronary disease, hypertension, diabetes and etc.

The base line now for a healthier body and longer life is to watch what you eat, have a proper diet and exercise and do not take much more calorie than what you are using, this way, you'll surely be living a worry free from causes of obesity. Have a healthy body!

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