Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bioidentical Hormones and Weight Loss

Everyone knows that losing weight is difficult for most women. Perhaps it is because our bodies work against us if our hormones are not balanced. Therefore, the need for balancing our hormones could be the main issue in weight loss. Bioidentical hormones like the product Amberen may be the answer. Bioidentical hormones are plant based as opposed to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) made of synthetic hormones or animal -derived hormones which may not be assimilated in the human body and could cause even more weight gain problems.

Actually, a woman who has unbalanced hormones has many problems other than weight gain, but weight gain contributes to all her other problems. She may be experiencing all the symptoms of menopause such as lack of energy, loss of libido, loss of energy, irritability and mood swings, trouble concentrating, hot flashes, and night sweats. Weight gain is just one of her problems.

One cause of weight gain and difficulty in losing weight may be a thyroid deficiency. The thyroid gland produces hormones known as T3 and T4. These hormones help our body metabolize calories. Doctors prescribe medicine if they find that we are low in T3 and T4. Often they prescribe Synthroid for hypothyrodism.
Testosterone is another hormone that helps our body metabolize calories and burn fat more efficiently. It also prevents storage of fat around the mid section. If testosterone and progesterone levels decrease leaving us estrogen dominate, we may gain weight and experience severe fatigue.

Bioidentical testosterone regulates hormone levels and helps symptoms such as fatigue and lack of sexual desire. Testosterone is also connected to aggressiveness, development of muscle mass and social outlook.

Balancing hormones with bioidentical hormones can alleviate fatigue, increase bone loss, boost sex drive, relieve hot flashes, stop night sweats, relieve anxiety attacks, stop weight gain, and make a woman feel younger. Bioidentical hormones are derived from plants. Bio identical testosterone is made from extracts from soy and yams.

Bioidentical testosterone creams are made when these extracts are combined with cream and applied directly to the skin. Taking testosterone pills is not recommended since their potency is reduced during the digestive process.

One safe way to balance hormones is with bioidentical hormones and perhaps a progesterone cream that is formulated from plant sources that our body synthesizes like it did our own natural progesterone. When buying progesterone cream, make certain that it contains at 20 mg of USP progesterone per dose. Progesterone helps our bodies use fat for energy.

Prognenolone is a hormone that is made from cholesterol. It helps relieve stress, lifts our mood, improves brain function and helps increase testosterone levels to improve metabolism.

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