Saturday, September 17, 2011

Surviving Weight Loss Whiplash

Surviving weight loss whiplash can often be very painful. I call it weight loss whiplash because like driving a car down the road, you are going along on your journey to health and then wham! You get hit with something so unexpected. The pain is so excruciating. The scars it leaves and the pain you must endure may threaten to make you never want to drive again!

Often when you begin a weight loss journey the people in your life that you feel should be supportive aren't. This may make you resent them. It may make you doubt your own efforts or your ability to succeed. You may want to keep in mind that this journey is about you. Your health and longevity depend on it!

It may seem difficult to focus on yourself. You may find that you feel you are being selfish for focusing on your own needs. It is important that you take care of yourself. You have to believe that you are worth this journey! You may find that those who aren't supportive of your efforts may need to have their time with you limited or eliminated.

I had the experience of actually losing several friends as I began to lose weight. At first it was very painful. I felt so hurt and it made me doubt my efforts and success. It also made me wonder if the cost was really worth the benefit. I didn't want to lose friends or make the choice not to be around certain family members.

As I progressed in my journey I realized that I was eliminating the negative and making room for the positive. I had to choose who was in my circle of support. I soon realized if a person wasn't going to bring positive to the table, then they weren't going to be allowed at my table. And boy was I shocked when I realized that even meant a few family members and friends.

I noticed as I began to heal myself and progress in my weight loss, I began to make a new circle of friends. I found as I surrounded myself with positive people it made it easier for me to stay on track with my journey to health. I also found that being around people of like minds served my best interest. I now realize that had I not made the choice, no matter how painful at the time, to experience this weight loss whiplash I would still be well over 800 pounds or dead!

Get ready for the weight loss whiplash. Prepare yourself to make difficult choices. Think ahead about how you will feel when you are healthy. Think about how you will be able to better fulfill who you are meant to be. Surround yourself with positive! Love yourself and allow others to love you too.

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