Friday, September 16, 2011

Is the Bacteria in Your Gut Making You Fat?

Every individual that is overweight has their own reasoning as to why they are having a weight problem. Often it is blamed on the types of food they eat, or eating too many calories and not enough exercise. What may not be thought about however, is how the gut is reacting to the foods that is being introduced, or how the bacteria in the gut plays an important role in weight control.

An interesting study has shown that individuals that have a normal weight have a certain type of bacteria, whereas those that are suffering from obesity have a greater quantity of another type of bacteria. This is causing them to take a look at whether the condition and state of the digestive system of individuals, is playing a role in their weight levels.

It's really interesting to see two individuals that can consume the exact same food yet their systems react differently to it. Some studies have shown that when this takes place, the calories that come from the foods are used by the body differently by the people eating the exact same meal. One individual may store more calories than the other. Much more research as to why this happens is being conducted to find the true answers

Something else that is being looked at in the research field is if there are certain viruses that are found in the gut that could be a factor in weight gain as well. Most of this is conjecture and theory at the moment, but it's an area that is being looked at more closely.

The answers to many of these questions may soon prove why some individuals do well when dieting and others don't. It is not unusual for two individuals to be on the exact same diet and yet some will have great success at losing weight, whereas others won't.

How the gut plays its role in the body is being closely looked at in many other areas besides weight. There is evidence becoming present that it may affect individuals who suffer from depression or some psychological conditions.

Based on these new findings it would do well for individuals that are suffering from weight problems to take a closer look at the types of foods that they are eating and what effects the consumption is having on their gut. Alternatevly, explore the possibility that there is a potential problem in this area that could be either causing them to gain the excess weight, or perhaps they are finding the weight difficult to lose.

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