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Children, obesity is preventable

Overweight children nearly tripled in the last 30 years. The measures to control, according to the Centers For obesity in children ages 6-11 years have increased by 6,5% in 1980 to 19.6 percent in 2008. Obesity in children ages 12-19 years increased by 5.0% to 18.1%.

Causes of obesity in children

Although in some cases, the childhood obesity can be linked to genetics or a hormonal imbalance, in most cases, the accused may, obesity and lifestyle with poor nutritional choices and almost always death. Children, obesity is caused by consuming too many Calories in children getting enough physical activity. According to the CDC's children ages 8-18 years spend an average of 7.5 hours per day, a sample set of the television, video games and computers. These hours are spent on watching them, 4.5 of television. TV viewing is an important factor in the financing, lack of exercise, but that is not the television is our only way. fattening The Fast-food ads, animated candy commercials and infectious pop songs are influencing soda ash our children want to eat and drink their products to the happy and carefree-like commercials, they can see.

The second cause of obesity among young people, is the convenience that fast food is to give busy schedules. Today, children are busier lifestyles than they did 30 years ago. School, sports and leisure-time activity of the compound leaves little to no time to make healthy foods choices. That brings the work assigned to the parents and domestic schedules, and you're left for a selection, but you can order a meal in the process, so you can stay just for the schedule.

Ways to prevent obesity in children

But it is always easier said than done, it is a realistic things, you can prevent your child becoming overweight. You can keep the children falling prey to the favourable liikalihavuudelle, has to be involved in their decision making when it comes to meals and a snack. Parents are one of the most influential document in the child's life. Without any user intervention, children are left to themselves, and often times affect their friends or on television. Here are some tips on how you can help your child maintain a healthy weight:

Limit 1 hours every day, time, TV and computer.Wash and cut fruits and vegetables, is on the other hand, snacking.Do not Buy alcoholic beverages and plenty of sugar. Encourage them to drink water or fruit juices.Turn off the TV and eat dinner together at the table.Let your children will help to prepare the meals.Pack finished the afternoon snack of the school your child-packed lunches. Play ball or go for a walk in the Park together, only to meet the.Don't be afraid to tell your child's health, not for the sake of clarity.

Another way to improve your child's health habits must be displayed in the example. Children often times their habits of their parents with accidentally footsteps. If you eat junk food, they eat junk food. If you can watch what you eat, they will at least stop and question what they Kumakain. A fun project to do, can do a complete overhaul of its own activities and habits for the entire family. Allow each Member to give his input on the matter and the praise of their ideas for the family. It may seem awkward, and in the feel of the first, but it becomes habit after the expiry of the time.

Alternative methods

Talk to your child's doctor with alternative methods to lose weight. In some cases, the option can be added to the diet pills for your child on a routine basis. Of course, this would apply only to older children, teenage days and can only be done under medical supervision. The chosen method, regardless of whether it is important at a young age to teach the children to maintain a healthy weight and make good choices of food they eat (this).

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