Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The truth behind the saturated fat

It is, I do not think that Saturated fat is good. It is found in animal fat, butter, lard, coconut oil, and many other things. In today's society is highly controversial, which is why many of the mainstream "experts" are saying this terrorist activities in the fat, it is the leading cause of heart disease, and from which nothing could be a logical access to obesity.

Had the study this year showed that heart disease and dietary saturated fat. It was not the first either. The United States in the 40 years of Framingham-also the investigation found no connection.

It has never been our enemy. But it is regrettable that they are now more harmful fats, marketing, replace it with a US diet, because so many people have been misled and unaware of the deviation of the researchers.

Even if the Artery clogging Trans-fats have been shown to increase risk of heart disease of bad cholesterol. Polyunsaturated fats Go rancid if heated, and contain too much omega-6 and omega-3 is not sufficient for leading your own body's natural equilibrium and the damage you may cause serious health problems.

Mono-unsaturated fats , however, are relatively stable in the chemical structure of 2, the more saturated fat as compared to the listed above.

Saturated fat are good immune system, play an important role in our health by assisting in the preparation of the calcium, and is even beneficial to antibakteeriset properties.

Interestingly, if you changed your diet, the oils you use, and only the coconut oil, more than 12 months, the investigation of the Show you may lose a 36 pound! That is needed to show if a task is not recommended, however, by using many of the Health benefits of the advantage.

Many people are trying to avoid Saturated fat to heart disease and pääväylistä with false allegations of blocking up when really the scientific evidence is not evidence of this, when honestly assessed.

Why not try to replace the margarine for butter, organic? Or try to replace oil, canola oil, Coconut? and see how much health will improve? But remember, the saturated fat has been for thousands of years and it's only the menu in the last 50 years that its kuvaisivat has been convicted is a "bad man", so the character of these lower-priced oils can be sold on the public.

When the next grocery shopping or see you in saturated fats, has criticized the media remember what to eat on us.

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