Monday, August 8, 2011

Health complications of obesity

Obesity are generally considered to be cosmetic problem that is not true. It is in fact very strict and serious health condition which has been found to affect all ages. Although the cases of young children has been developed over the years, obesity. Many of them to obtain, through the characteristics of obesity for the genetic disorder, which is considered to be an important factor, which is responsible for the rise in obesity, with the exception of your current lifestyle. The people who are obese are often concerned about, or feel they are aware of the appearance of the data. But it is more important to look at obesity, health complications of obesity that can import the data, i.e., toward the side of the graver. To lose weight is still out, you can improve your self-confidence not only reduce the serious health complications also, which can reduce the risks. Below are a few of the medical complications of obesity, that can lead to.

High cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty substance, which is produced in the liver, ye FAT that is absorbed from food that you eat. Cholesterol is important when creating the cell membranes and the sex and the body's production of the hormones in kärähti. But the cholesterol itself is not able to travel around the body, in separate it from its operations for the performance of lipoproteins in the help. Cholesterol is distinguished into two groups, it is attached to lipoproteins on the basis of the type. Low density lipoproteins, cholesterol is known as the poor shall be annexed to the cholesterol and High-density lipoproteins are called the attached good cholesterol.

Bad cholesterol reaches cells, it adds a level of cholesterol in your blood and cholesterol in the body, reduces cholesterol, a good level. If the bad cholesterol levels in the body increases, it can cause high cholesterol is known as the condition. This condition can lead to several other health complications, such as Atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, angina, high blood pressure and peripheral artery disease. If you're obese, you have a higher risk to develop high cholesterol, which is why it is important to treat obesity in a timely manner. You can take the pills, dealing with obesity, slimming down the markets, the available instructions.


Osteoarthritis is a common problem for the common, known usually affects older people. Frozen cartilage may be worn, because that the bones rub together. This causes severe joint pain in the joints and its own limited mobility. If you are obese, more gas pressure is exerted the joints and cartilage, which is causing, the cartilage, the faster the tattering. A person is obese joints that may occur when the maximum pressure at the knees, open, and the lower back. Lose weight, you can reduce the pressure on these joints osteoarthritis curtail, in turn, be suffering from. Xenical is one of the most popular available, medical treatment, prescription obesity enables you to work with. This weight reduction pill slimming down by allowing only 30% of the consumed food is absorbed in the body, and the total amount of fats and oils. The fat content of the rest are excreted out of the body and urine.

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