Thursday, August 18, 2011

TV-Watchers, read why laziness is not the only reason why you've gained weight

Did you know that watching TV is to make you fat? Not only that, you've turned off, but because the information provided by the commercials is outrageous and misleading and puzzling.

Because most Americans, you probably have at least one TV, you can watch from time to time, the date of the day what's going on in the local community and the world of the rästiin region. Probably you have heard and seen by encouraging you to eat Cheerios reduced cholesterol levels that will reduce your chances of heart disease than Americans, the No. 1 killer commercials. What if I told you that eating processed grains, particularly those which are most of the cereal would actually increase in the level of cholesterol. Be interested in?

Cholesterol study revealed that one of the main ingredients that will help to eliminate the bad cholesterol is actually non-existent near the Cheerios. Imagine that the idea. In fact, one of the place of secondment to the size of the bowl contains approximately 1 gram of Cheerios-soluble fiber, which in the human body needs the bad cholesterol. Other foods such as Apple, which contains 2 grams of soluble fiber, broccoli and carrots, which contain 3 grams, and respectfully more than 4 grams to kidney beans you can put, how much stock to Cheerios, a leading food product to help you manage your cholesterol and prevent heart disease?

The fact is that, most of the other cereals, Cheerios, with very long and the freshness of the deals of the period. Problematic, there are many fillers or chemicals, which are used as are what to do to get unwanted weight, which is incorrect and the important thing is not why you bought the grain.

Together with the milk of the Cheerios brand is the second of which, are reported to the general good. In particular, such as maidot for the conventional fat free and wholly are actually pretty bad for you. Most of us had known has made the maidot for the purposes of pasteurisation, which kills off all the necessary enzymes for digestion process. In addition, 50% of milk calcium is insoluble, the production of the n of the system of aid, which does not need you to get the calcium daily dose a good choice. Thirdly, and equally important, the lactose, pasteurized, contain maidot which converts easily lead to inconsistencies in the blood for sugar and sugar levels, which can lead to other health problems.

Sugar substitute Splenda is another bad idea that you, and that you know you should stay far away from it. Splenda or Sucralose, is artificial compound that British scientists to develop new pesticides in 1976 due to looking for a formula, the experiment took place. Comparative molecular level is similar to that in the Splenda, fight, which is much more than sugar. That, in any way positive sign anyone to improve their health, actually expected.

Watching TV may be slightly difficult thing now for the day. When you've found everything you hear is not always the truth, and more importantly is not good. At least for now, based on 3 points, you can use this informational alert article, now you know the reason that the TV is not always good, and why you need to get things down due to own and manage your life.

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