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Cola: Sweet, bitter truth

What makes the world's most popular drink Coca-Cola? Wily marketing (some say is a big fat lies), for sure. It is ironic that the intoxicating and addictive marketing can promote u.s. two most alarming epidemics of diabetes and obesity ".

If the doctors and health experts, could mark a cola bottle content, this is how it read: pesticides; carcinogenic effects of preservatives (sodium benzoate); Toxic taste enhancers (MSG); Toxic artificial sweeteners, diet drinks (aspartame); ladles sugar regularly drink (sucrose, fructose and high maize glucose syrup); Neurotoxin (Caffeine); Unnatural synthetic vitamins "healthful" products; and the category off the results.

But don't put the weight of us do, lemonades, why? The answer lies in an innocuous sounding words: four for the higher corn fructose syrup (HFCs). The current most soft drinks and processed foods, refined sugar, HFCS has only one objective: the objective of the operation of the product.

While doing so, it adds plenty of empty Calories our bodies (calories, which is zero for nutrition, unlike natural sugar) and makes you put weight on.

HFCs, the most popular synthetic sweeteners and sweeteners in the United States, is made from corn. It is made of corn starch to convert glucose, which is then converted to fructose using genetically modified enzymes.

Is not a secret that HFCS is directly related to the weight of the profit. Experts also say it is one of the most important aspect of the u.s. obesity "epidemic" to promote. But how, exactly, makes you fat? of HFC This sweetener piles calories, which are converted directly into fat. Highlights also the cycle of blood triglyceride levels.

But something more diabolical. A feeling of satiety to launch fails HFC response that, when you eat other food clearly. Instead, it tricks your brain to believe that the body needs to eat more. In contrast, when you eat carbohydrates, which are converted into glucose, pancreas to release insulin for glucose metabolism. You can also feel completely and stop eating.

But when You drink cola can, promote the insulin the pancreas of HFC is not developed. It also fails to raise the levels of Leptin, a hormone produced by cells of the fat in the body. When Leptin in the blood is allowed to cycle, it works in hypothalamus (which regulates the metabolism of energy), the response of the sense of satiety. This signals to the brain enough calories and must be ingested to stop, eating. HFC also lower Ghrelin, which also increases the risk of hunger and appetite for growth hormone levels.

Drinking your own throws, therefore, lemonades metabolism of gear off and that the signals and start the appetite and control body weight off will fail. You can, therefore, a tendency to Haikailen, lemonades and to drink more and more deceptive deliciously sweet stuff.

Interestingly, processed food and beverages, companies began to replace liquid cane sugar products HCFS in the 1970s, at a time when the u.s. began with the problem of obesity in a bubble. The researchers say, this is not a coincidence.

Maize is one of the u.s., the three main crops (corn, cotton and soybeans), and to promote the HFC is considered to be in the lobby of farm happy. Statistics show that between the years 1970-2000 (average annual consumption of HFC 73.5 pounds per person), obesity in the United States, the figures for the 15% of the population engulfing went over one-third.

Remember the cola, which contains 8-10 teaspoons of sugar, or 130-150 calories, is the only one, we can bring the refined sugar in many sources. In total, average, American, also a refined, high-fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners, sugar intake and intake of upsetting is the 142 pounds a year, or about 2.5 pounds per week, according to the report, the CBS Broadcasting Group in June 2007. This figure has risen by 23% over the last 25 years and a lot of the birds of prey and obesity rates of diabetes, the most important reason.

The good news is, that is not in itself harmful HFC. In this case, the body does not produce permanent changes in chemicals, should be to stop access to it in due time. Thus, due to the tendency to fuel the cola cravings will decrease food should kick in.

The Bad news is that even though cola kick the habit of HFC, it is difficult to avoid because it is used in most processed food. Is cheap, it's easy to värisestä the other ingredients, it extends shelf life, it prevents freezer burn and it keeps the bread soft. It is used, and even a low-fat yoghurt ketchup!

More than 40 000 different types of food, now occupy a modern grocery stores shelves, and 98% of them have nothing to do with what the nature of the intended us to eat. Our digestive system is a way to make use of their natural food, almonds were robbed of life energy or manipulate and work with the wonderful, useless list of ingredients on the label of the product to them.

If food is made in the laboratory, most of them are no longer consider their food. Instead, they have turned to the contact. And the poisoning of our system started at an early stage in life when we are children.

The children form a large part of the sugar-consuming population. And childhood obesity, one of the figures are alarming. children under the age of 12 -19 obesity 20,92% to 4.2% in 1970, 15.3% in 2000 (when the HFCS consumption increased).

Add this sedentaareja still life among the children, and it paints even unhealthier picture. Children spend an average of five to six hours per day in sedentaareja operations, including watching the television, computer and video games. Today, children are bombarded and brainwashed well-crafted TV ads from the fast food chains, and other intermediaries, plenty of fat, high sugar free meals and snacks. And that maybe only to attract young people to fraudulent claims for addicts to have companies have been accused of, and time and again for a great tactic Cola.

Bitter truth is that by definition very Colas, contain significant amounts of preservatives, caffeine and refined sugar, among other ingredients.

The California study, whose results were published in September 2009, stated that the drinking of one or more per day to add to your chances of obesity, lemonades, 27%. It was also found during the investigation, the stunning 62% of adults who drink one or more of cola every day, are overweight or obese.

[This is an extract from the ' Feel good ' weight lose books Andreas Moritz]

Andreas Moritz is a writer and a professional person of Integrative medicine. He is the author of 13 books on holistic health, including the Amazing liver and gallbladder Flush, timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, and cancer-related disease Is Not on different topics. His latest book is entitled: vaccine Nation: Poisoning the population of one image at a time.

Moritz is also the creator of Ener-Chi (, and the Art of the Holy Santémony.

Much of his life's work has been dedicated to understanding the root cause of the illness profiles and and help the body, mind, spirit and heart to heal naturally.

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