Monday, August 15, 2011

Threats and challenges of obesity drug market

Statistics indicate that by 2012, more than two billion people are overweight and obese 600 million. And weight of the loss of the drug in the United States are the largest market, with 6% of the population is overweight or obese. The United Kingdom and other European countries to become the next.

Changing ways of life in the emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) also make these weight-loss products in the countries and the huge market.

Much promising as these figures show that obesity drugs on the market should be on the road of growth, the sharp, the reality is quite the opposite. The fact is that the weight loss drug on the market failed to respond to this growth. Some of the most important sources are the

-The failure to obtain approval, the FDA;

-Market recall due to hazardous ingredients

The expectations of the consumer Under-compared to the performance of drugs

-To Grant compensation for these drugs to health-care authorities, the rejection of the

Recent news reports are based on laboratory testing for the US on him, the food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning of a certain brand of weight loss without the pills, which claims to be "100% herbal" and has warned about, that such a "dangerous" pill slimming down of stimulant drugs to consumers. This is the last news, previously, but the other instances, the prohibition of drugs, obesity, have been on top of the world. Some of them are:

-Near the market in the United States and Canada for cancellation of some drugs, obesity, manufactured in India in October last year, India's Ministry of health has been realized, the side effects of these are commonly used in slimming down the drugs. And soon, reported that the theseanti-obesity drugs marketed by companies in the pharma 12 near the and and sell brand name, such as Reductil and Meridia, Sibutrex, may be prohibited.

-With the exception of Sibutramine, which prevents user's appetite, the Indian Government also plans to monitor any of the other commonly used drugs like Orlistat sales of slimming down.

In another incident, a US pharmaceutical giant Abbott Laboratories, at the request of the FDA withdrew its obesity drug meridia ', ' from the US market, after the European tests found a key element of the risk of fatal heart inference problems. FDA laboratory tests it was found that some of these Capsules contains "sibutramine excessive amounts" of stimulant drugs, which should be available only on prescription and which could cause high blood pressure, stroke, or heart of some of the consumers.

The regulatory agency, the FDA also warned about the side effects of some of these drugs and other symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, nausea, etc. Sibutramine does not only involve risks to persons, in particular, the conditions of the heart, but also for healthy people who were found qualified sibutramine, obesity pills.

Instant solutions to weight-loss programs look for today's development, is a huge market for obesity drugs, on top of the world. However, the reality of the facts above, reveals that the pill to parse these extra kilos Shooter may change our body, causing a major threat to drug makers, to understand the market, the real nightmare anti-obesity narcotics potential.

Arjav Shah
Director Of The Pvt. Ltd.

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