Thursday, August 25, 2011

CupCake Fever

I like the cakes, muffins, or most often baked goods, but the store is not a difficult walk in cupcake succumb to at least attempt to curiosity to something almost every day.

We cannot forget that advertising is a business, which is why so much money has been used it in the soul.

This special cupcake at the top of people outside the warehouse, even in the winter months, which is what my curiosity teased even more. I resisted for about a year, but took a cab to protect the olijoiden the just worse so I decided to try something at the same time.

Got to the line, and was fully immersed in the, select a difficult task, and, of course, with the excuse of my husband does not like the Carrot, one of the, I have to purchase two cupcakes. artillery I had to try it with another, so in vegetables, in my opinion less guilty.

When the payment was a small cupcake, which to me was a lot more interesting, and I asked them, saw You can, however, is to prescribe the way in advance.

If I had time to think about in advance, I also had time to do my homework and read the headlines, to understand that it was not a good idea before you buy 1000 calories and twenty impulsiivisesti teaspoons sugar, rather than to buy one of the shared resource, or none.

The importance of the size and the average of 500 calories and 10 teaspoons cupcake, which calculates the approximately 25% of the total calorie intake for the day, the sugar you would have to balance the meal for the whole ignores it.

Sharing would have been an ideal option. In my case it was already the question-one for each of us had purchased and bad men don't even ask for extra burnt.

We still love affair is going to kill us.-to sugar

Yesterday, I walk in the same store, when cupcake I've seen his mother and his two children and a seven-perhaps eight-year-old cupcake eating outside the store. The three of them were sharing temporary, not a guilty look on their mailbox assigned to one of the cupcake. I believe that this is the mother of this is his.

I was so proud of, and almost went to congratulate the family.

Yes, the sugar is addictive, yes it is in our power, but reading the labels, eating, sharing, and family can still give us pleasure and balance it.

My goal as a pediatrician, is to remind parents, their children and to prevent obesity. The powers of the parents change their homes, schools and communities, affecting the changes.
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