Thursday, August 11, 2011

DASH diet for girls: the new Fad Diet or a new recipe?

High school and middle school girls is perpetually under pressure to maintain body weight range. Print advertising, T.V., and always the most attention as the low level of the cast, according to their physical condition and worried about the worth of women. Therefore, some Teen girls ' weight of the body is the most important thing is even more important than the health of their mind. The significance of the appearance of some of the girls even start purging their dinner. This leads to unhealthy funds in accordance with the terms and conditions, and bulimia in their teens to achieve the desired weight.

Anorexia and bulimia are, of course, unhealthy choices keeping healthy body weight and food intake, thankfully, teens girls ' weight loss has been to promote a different format to something that has been the incredible benefits teens girls in the DASH diet.

Originally, the DASH diet was not actually girls Teen is designed for the pre-hypertension disease or hypertension for adults, but just because it has not been created for Teen girls ' does not mean it does not produce good results.

So much processed food is not surprising that the girls are gaining weight rapidly, girls, DASH diet, put back to a healthy diet. It focuses on a high quantity of these products and the true, healthy, tried the fruit, whole grains, vegetables, fruit, lean chicken, fish, and low-fat dairy products. These are all the food items that fit the proper diet.

Has been the subject of several studies that show the DASH diet, which has been promoted by the American Heart Association, to help people reduce their blood pressure. Girls, DASH diet, however, is not good, and for the benefit of the young women who are most able to DASH diet had the lowest growth in the year of principles to their body mass Index (BMI) of over 10 years of research.

Not only does DASH diet to keep girls in school girls in the care of children with healthy and systematic manner by slender, but also the old General, compared to the State of health of the bonus for their friends to benefit from going in.

More than 17% of all American girls are overweight; the girls DASH diet not only follow the girls, balanced diet, which will help them become or stay slim for now, but it also leads to fewer health problems grow older and life better for the body-image.

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