Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Has the Fast food industry killing us with cholesterol?

Over the past twenty years, two of the very alarming statistics have become malicious programs in American society. One, more people are getting fewer than 20 years ago, and the use of the two; We are consuming more Calories than before. This is a very unhealthy America formula.

Run by civil society

Today, such as the society, we are spending more time away from the family dinner table and on the road. This has led to more eating fast food than ever. In addition, it is grabbing junk food when we fill the gas or the fast food restaurant, grab lunch, stopping at two things happen. We are consuming more low quality food, the larger quantity than in the past. Secondly, what we eat contains more saturated fat than previously. Consider using a menu, is cooked in animal fat, oil, the average fast food restaurant. Burritos, French fries, fried zucchini, cheese burgers, and always super size soda. Vegetables, fruit, and fried foods, and large doses of to focus more attention on the acquisition of American is less of a heavy, very heavy.

Heavy society is the same as the unhealthy society

According to the American Heart Association, and the calorie daily between 1971 and 2000, the average adult consumes when calculating the consumption of between two hundred and fifty and three hundred more Calories on a daily basis. Throw in the formula, these bad habits in children from an early age. Statistics show that young people are much more likely to change in the obese adults younger they will be held steady at these bad eating habits.

Is there a connection between the line and a fast food?

The American Stroke Association is to study the fast food restaurants is a neighborhood of the number and range of population, the relationship between the incidence of the line. Compound this many schools, physical education programs, and cut, you have the time, the population of the unhealthy. bomb Data show the younger obesity starts in a shorter life expectancy, adult.

What should we eat?

Reply the problem is not poor nutrition effects of dire. The American Heart Association recommends, Furthermore, to increase physical activity in the 20 to 30 minutes a day, you can modify your diet, use the following methods. Avoid fried food; Ask for grilled instead, if it is available. Eat more fish. Consume more fruit and vegetables. Forget that only fifty cents for a thing than supersize. Avoid soda completely. If possible, to reduce the intake of salt and sugar.

The role of fish oil

Dietitians and medical community to confirm the high Omega-3 fish oil diet can be used with many miracles. Pure fish oil is rich in HARVEST ATTACK. This is found in cold water fish that has been proven useful in combating the cardio-vascular system, the bad cholesterol is a fat acids. By lowering cholesterol is bad for the pressure to release the blood your heart to enable easier on the brain, including full body vascular system. Fish oil fatty acids protect against heart disease and stroke, such as high blood pressure causes.

A Summary Of The

The food choices We will make a huge difference to ingest, quality of life. Physical activity and quality of nutrition and balanced diet, which includes the cold water fish found in association with the fatty acids, and the accuracy of the guarantee systems of long and healthy life. Even if you are not a traditional fish eater fish oil supplements while taking, to fill the gap. Supplements do not even better, fish oil leave any fishy. Take care with the health of their own proper diet; you have a long life ahead.

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