Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweetpea Baby food, says a new line of organic vegaani breakfast cookies made with peanut free space

SweetPea Organic Vegan Nut-Free CookiesJuly 2011-the unique line of baby food, Sweetpea on Canadian produced organic baby food has launched a line of organic snacks to develop its already popular line of frozen baby fruit purees and pastes a success. Sweetpea's organic cookies are available in three delicious flavors, which the children will love: bananas, pears, Pumpkin Spice and Sweet Apple. -At the level of young people in the heart of the young cookies are good for everyone, one to 101 and now safe for those with nut allergies as well. Our production facility, their ingredients, products and materials are a peanut-free.

Sweetpea organic cookies is made of 100% towards the whole grain, organic ingredients are certified corresponding to the, milk, eggs, salt, preservatives, and additives, and are a vegaani breakfast. PLUS is free of nut kernel in whole nuts. They are packaged in a re-bags and found the baby sealable food aisle grocery and health food stores.

Sweetpea organic cookies can be found everywhere in Canada, food retailers, including Planet organic (Alberta); Options-, IGA, whole foods, (British Columbia); Organza markets (Manitoba); Aura, the whole foods (New Brunswick); Babies r us, the whole of the food. Goodness me, Michael Angelo, herb and Spice, Shoppers Drug Mart stores, Longo n, Q1, Natural foods, Noah, Pusateri, McEwan (Ontario); In the health of the tree, Ecollegey, La Grande Ruche (Quebec); The father's Nutrition Centre (Saskatchewan).
About Sweetpea baby food
Sweetpea baby food is a wholly-owned Canadian company that provides a convenient and delicious for 100 per cent for frozen organic baby food products manufactured in Canada and sold in supermarkets, grocery stores and health food stores throughout the country. Sweetpea Baby food and delicious recipes has been offered a Breakfast television, CTV News, and the author of numerous publications, CareersTV including: the Toronto Star, the surviving, Canadian family, the globe and Mail, Marketing Magazine and Maclean 's, inter alia. For more information, visit www.sweetpeababyfood.com.

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