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Weight loss dietary-duration and transition effects

This is a very calorie-restrictive diet and food source is the practice of mixing in protein-powder. Real food is real food, Supplement, whatever people say, but because the companies in the supplement to the competition between enterprises is very strong, the protein supplement powders are continuously developed.

Liquid diet is a diet of hard, and the transition and the use must be slow. Take at least a week to go to the normal diet by replacing dietary meals daily to normal gradually on the shakes. When running, the diet, decrease their own minds on a daily basis having regard to their own starting of daily calories (before), and with the aim of the calories, liquid diet. After going off the liquid diet, take at least one week to gradually replace the user shakes normal, healthy solid food meals. When you go out of the diet, add the Calories for this week, but not much-500 kcal per day, per week for the heavier (100 + kg) for the athletes.

For example, if you can, if you consume a 4000 kcal training days and 3300 kcal other training days (4000/3300 kcal) prior to the liquid diet and your goal is 2500/2000 kcal diet in a liquid, then you must be at least one, preferably two weeks of the transition of the diet. Switch from one week to around 3300/2600 follow kcal. Go to during the two weeks around 3500/2800 kcal follow the first week, and around 3000/2400 kcal for another week. Similar in Calories should be consumed when goes to off to turn the diet change the mass of the body and the mind, of course, your goals.

When you are running off of the diet, and the increase in body weight, it is mainly due to the amount of water and of the accumulated fat, carbs, recently. A transition on and off would be the last in each, but if you can smooth the transition, then 2 weeks on and off are the primary way to at least one week. 4 weeks in a liquid diet, which is 6-8 weeks, and their 6-8 weeks for the heavier people can lose up to a maximum of 15-20 kg (they must be really fat actually is at the beginning of the 15-20 kg is lost). 12-15 kg in the fat loss for a normal week, these 6-8, with the muscle is almost lost. The muscle gains and losses for beginners or if you can afford to take the 5 g of powder per BCAA on a daily basis, each shake than the muscle gains are possible If all calories are not too limited. But the liquid diet, fat loss, and itself to focus on to keep their muscles as much as possible.

Generally, we recommend the carbohydrate cycling diet diet than before and after the liquid diet. After all, most will want to keep the bf% (as percentage of fat) around the trainees or less than 10% of the sales cycle carbs (especially for 35 + years old endomorphs). Cycling Carbs diet carbohydrates are consumed mostly before and after workouts, and the rest of the trainee during the day you eat food low in carbs (simple), and plenty of healthy proteins, fats, fibres, complex carbs, etc. Eating in this Protocol is very similar to the weight-loss liquid diet, except that the meals are solid wholesome food meals.

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