Friday, August 12, 2011

The current cost of the epidemic of obesity

Although the Federal and State Governments ' efforts to combat the growing obesity problem in obese people continue to increase. Many obese people these days file disability claims for obesity related diseases, and currently this pays the U.s. taxpayers, estimated to be 76 billion dollars annually to $ medical costs and disability payments.

Growing the problem is to keep the struggling States can help the doctor with the funding of the services, provide affordable housing for people who can no longer process of obesity due to incapacity for work for their needs. Provides medical services such as free clinics and the hospital services are stretched to the point that Member States can no longer afford to support these services. Many Member States are dwindling budgets and it is difficult to cut the State-funded programs for the selections.

Education and training systems across the country are cutting the school sports programs, because they do not have enough money to fund these programs in the budget. This is partly due to the fact that many schools have to spend a huge amount of money to buy larger desktops and devices, as well as the expenditure of money for the children of obese obesity prevention programs and healthy meal plans. Cutting school sports programs, of course, only in the US, the children obese contributes to the growing number of.

Companies are also in use each year billions of dollars due to obesity related issues. Many companies pay for employee health insurance in the total costs. Rising insurance premiums, many companies now move paid at least part of the costs incurred by the workers. Companies spend billions of dollars annually to obese workers, including sick days, medical leave, and the loss of production, the changes are made to the workspace.

Obesity is on the rise, and to educate the public of the efforts of the uncontrollably, despite Americans poor eating habits have changed very little. The Fast food industry has continued to flourish, and, although many vendors now offer healthy choices, they still have the largest sellers of high fat content and high in Calories to food. The woman in the United States, the average size of the whole today, the average size of 16, against only 8 in the 1970s.

More than 17 percent of U.s. children are obese, and as young as 15 years old children have suffered as a result of heart attacks. Many of the children who find themselves at a young age encountered by obesity weight on the end of his life, problems of scarcity.

Obesity in the United States has undoubtedly faces today, and nothing in the campaign of national funded federally to be the most serious health problem of obesity is going to stem the tide of this disease.

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