Thursday, August 11, 2011

Includes healthy weight range?

Although the Americans have heard of our bulging bellies warnings again and again, a recent survey finds a message on the ears of the deaf is decreasing. Most of us can blissfully, whether we are part of the healthy weight range or not, and not all that bothered either.

Just 57% of those who have responded in recent years, the 6th is now nationwide, were worried about their weight down from a high of 70% in 2010. Health-smallest number ever nationwide study of sampling consumers with food safety, nutrition and the topics.

Also surprising, the investigation established that, although the taste is still the main cause, we are able to buy food and drinks, the price is of increasing importance too. These trends are the same as those which bring us to the restaurant menu items. The participants in the study of the report, this year could be lower prices make them choose more healthy options when shopping or dining out.

In addition, people who are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight is now decreased by 69%, compared to 77% in just one year ago.

For some, this is a worrying sign signaling the greater body of "normalisation". When the people around us bigger, it makes us feel pretty good. And authorize the page keeps the lightness of ourselves.

All at the same time, diabetes and heart disease preventable cancers are still ongoing.

Most people (42%), which responded to the drama of the count the calories, and many will say to you, they do nothing to offset the amount compared to the amount of calories with the operation of Yasar. The levels of inactivity are going, add us to say we're sedentaareja, from the previous year at a high of 43%.

More and more people than the 2010 report that they have less of a healthy diet, the Americans are changes in the way they eat.

The less the people who participated, saw itself ylipainoisuuden from the previous year. Yet been sent to the weights, and heights of the defendants were around 34% of overweight, the other 34% liikalihaviksi.

The latest survey, half of the respondents considered themselves overweight, 57% of respondents, who said the same when compared to the year 2010. Number, which is honest, liikalihaviksi identities remained stable at nearly 8% in the last year and this year.

According to the experts, that the Americans are simply too great ... it is a challenge for them to pay attention to food intake, instead of just search to food enjoyment.

Is also a feeling of burnout of the diet. After you've tried quick fix, a trendy solutions there, and found no difference, you have reached the stage where you can just stop believing that the answer can be found. It is difficult for you seem cannot confirm for how you can attempt to face the problem. Experts must do more to show for people to make changes that will lead to the maintenance of the weight and the weight, which is a healthy body weight range, without having to know or be miserable (of this).

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