Friday, August 19, 2011

Run by families of obesity?

The levels of obesity is growing steadily in the modern society is very worrying that there is that children who are obese to the parent (or parents) are likely to be much more than the overweight children who do not. This would seem to suggest the relationship of obesity and a family, but has this genetic and environmental factors?

The family connection between obesity and

We are all told that the body weight is regularly enjoy, but please follow this link for obese overweight parents and the children in question are among the other factors which may affect the weight of the animal may have their own diets and physical activity. To see the possible reasons why obese with children, the parent is the greater the opportunity to be overweight or obese themselves.

Obesity can be caused by Genetics?

Body weight can actually be a result of genes to butter or the so called fat gene, only one weight loss myth? In fact, more than 600 genes that can be linked to obesity and nearly a quarter of the cases of obesity, genetics can be one of the factors that affect body weight. All acquire, maintain, and to lose in a different way, two people can eat the same diet, Exercise and follow the same routine, but a lose-of still different amounts of weight.

Genetic differences between certain people to save more energy AS FAT when they consume food, and lose less than the average person in the fat, when they reduce their food intake, but genetics would never view as a reason why the person is not able to lose weight. Although the genes may affect body weight, diet, eating habits and behavior are still the most powerful factors.

Environmental determinants of obesity

Other than genetics can be a number of other factors, which come from when it comes to families that are currently common in obesity. If the parents are obese, there is a small possibility that they have a poor diet, which is shared with the children. If the parents of eating very little for the fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy low-fat meals for us, it's unlikely that they are providing them with their children. Parents are responsible for food shopping and meal planning, which is a huge influence on how their children developing eating habits. Healthy eating and regular exercise, the issues of the House, which must start with the parents. We all have the power to change our attitude to the children of the food, the Chief example and try to live a healthy lifestyle.

No doubt that obesity runs in families, but it can be to manage the entire family and active lifestyles, which includes all well balanced diet. You still have the power to exercise control over the fate of the loss in weight and influence children's eating habits and health for the better.

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