Tuesday, July 19, 2011

6 the study of the diet in recent Teachings

The research of diet brings big bucks to universities around the
 world and carry out a study to clarify the continuously, a new epidemic of obesity.
Although many studies only Confirm what the best fit and healthy has already figured out, a few research studies continue to prove to be a reasonable diet RICH in a natural, whole foods is the best in the long term health and weight loss.

The following is the latest of 6 lessons with appropriate investigation.

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine study concluded that eating too many potato products were number one cause of weight gain.

Learned the lesson: Eat potatoes, potatoes, and in particular the restraint must Cooked dry matter.
In the same investigation found that there was no significant weight loss or weight among the different consumption as percentage of fat content of milk.

Learned the lesson: Only 3% of raw milk is milk dry matter, so whichever you like milk, consumes the control. It does not make a significant difference, so you do not drink a milky water, if you are not satisfied.
The University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, researchers found that participants who consumed diet soda was 70% higher on a regular basis, waist circumference than those who did not drink diet soda.

Learned the lesson: As the drinking water standard of drinking and only have soda, diet, either a or a standard, as the processed. ocasional
Purdue University, recent study showed that, since the fake Fat Olestra diet in rats consuming more Calories than rats, because the same food, the actual FAT.

Learned the lesson: To consume foods that contain healthy, natural fats. Fat free doesn't mean better.

At the University of Otago in New Zealand's testing showed that it was their Diabetic test group, the reduction of calorie, which produces the weight. The drop in weight was not among the low-carb, low-fat or high-carb diet, the differences in the long term.

Learned the lesson: Choose whichever style of eating food is best, and lifestyle. The important thing is learning to eat less (may be).

The University of Bordeaux in France, researchers discovered that the elderly, who had regularly consumed olive oil throughout their lives are likely to be less of a 41% of stroke than those who rarely used olive oil.

Learned the lesson: Use more olive oil in your diet by replacing it, in particular the other fats and oils of the artificial fats.

If you are trying to lose weight or just eat healthier to focus on the whole, natural, then, the food and the size of a section. Finally, you should probably lighter, healthier, and even wealthier.

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