Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Get enough iodine in healthy diet

Get enough iodine in the diet is necessary for proper thyroid function, which in turn controls the vital processes in the body.

Iodized salt is how many get their daily dose of a particular diet may need to focus on the users of other foodstuffs to obtain adequate iodine in their diet.
Thyroid GLAND uses iodine produces two hormones, Thyroxine and triiodothyronine. Because the human body does not synthesize iodine in the diet of enough to get, is necessary.

These hormones regulate every human body metabolism, so if the thyroid is not working properly, the brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, depression, and the vulnerability can be a character. Foetal damage may also occur that the iodine deficient and serious lack of iodine goiter (enlarged thyroid gland) of mothers.

Even if the goiter is rare in developed nations, with a little iodine deficiencies could go on, and in particular of the misdiagnosed diet.

Although some countries advocate the salt iodized, fertilizers and animal feed, the other countries to do so in the low to the shortcomings of the malware, according to which the person resides.

In addition, for vegetarians and those who eat mostly organic products have to be extra conscientious, how much they are consuming the recommended daily to get the iodine 150mcg iodine (pregnant or producing a woman should have a 220-290mcg daily between). The following are some of the food is rich in iodine.

Railway: 1/4 Cup produces 415mcgyoghurt: , 1 Cup of hundreds of 87mcg *:

 milk 1 Cup hundreds * of * 59mcgeggs: , 1 egg, hundreds of 24mcg *: strawberries 1 Cup produces 13mcgShell fish and fish products: may vary depending on the information 70mcg (the upper limit of the safe for adults is around 1100mcg day) 1000mcgMozzerela cheese: 1 oz hundreds * of * This * depends on 10mcg consuming animals to feed rich in iodine.

Fruits and vegetables grown in soils rich in iodine, also provide the iodine, but this can vary considerably between regions.

Those who consume processed food probably does not need to have enough iodine in Network preferences. However, for those of us who try to eat healthy, it might be worth the expenditure of the assessment of our daily diet to make sure that you have consumed enough time. This is especially important if a defect in the characters to be present.

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