Friday, July 15, 2011

Dairy free recipe: SunButter and Strawberry Jelly Smoothie

Alisa in the winter after ~ Fleming, who took too long, mother nature has Finally decided to skip right to the head during the spring and summer on the West, and must be stopped.

My summer alternative name is "seasonal smoothies" and you can bet at least one of these drinks like shake away from my Blender sidelined was whizzing into the building, which dates to the next three months.

This in particular is a smoothie, organic strawberries, I found the sale in May and June, thanks to the abundance of. (I) the accommodation of the services, cut, sliced, and froze several pounds of these delicious berries. Because strawberries may vary slightly for quite a bit, often taste and sweetness, tart have shakes to sweeten this drink fresh date and some preparation to taste. Also, I used to go to the theme of the seedy milk, a new option in the Vanilla "milk" Sunsational ", which is quite low in sugar, but still a nice little hint is added to the sweet.

I think that what most surprised was how the berries and seeds (or peanut!), I played each other in the use of peanut butter and jelly account for taste charge sans bread. Not long ago (this year, actually) of the sunflower seeds I tried for the first time, and it's amazing how taste like peanut butter!

My kitchen is made to this document and fill the Breakfast to deal with the most delicious, but we encourage you to sweeten it, the more of a dessert-like afternoon … the place of loading

SunButter and Jelly Strawberry Smoothie

This help is in the vegaani breakfast, dairy-Free, egg-Free, gluten-free, free, peanut-Free nut kernel in whole nuts (unless you use peanut butter, of course!), Soy free, and, optionally, the refined sugar.

All ingredients in Blender and places its work with the smooth. If it is too thick for my smoothie tastes, add a little more milk to option.

* I used the pure extract preparation in a few dashes, but you can use a drop of liquid product, vanilla, honey, agave or even Strawberry Jam! How much do you need a sweetener is dependent on the customer's strawberry sweetness. All except (I) with the preparation of 1 Teaspoon start and go from there.

Article, photos and recipe Alisa Fleming, the founder and author

Go Dairy free: Guide and Cookbook for milk allergies, lactose intolerance and casein-free Living.

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