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The growth of the wine can be a health and wellbeing?

There are three grades, in order to make a great meal and food is the only one.
Tasty dish goes without saying, but let's not forget good supporters and a cosy wine in importance. Some scientific research indicates that the vine is not only a good meal for the key, but is also good for us.

This means that we sit down to eat the glass, the next time we have for Cabernet Sauvignon as well as to improve the health of us-and very olemuksemme?
The idea that wine is good for us, health has been around for some time, but the scientific basis was found in the 1990s. It was a Sunday 17 November 1991, the French medical researcher at the University of Bordeaux, Serge Renaud announced the popular American TV News program 60 minutes that his countrymen a fondness for wine, the share of their heart disease deaths at low speed. 44% of the sales of wine in America in the Tomahawk in the next four weeks. The wine was now a health tonic.

Health benefits of wine is a bit more complicated than Dr. Renaud, originally drawn up. First of all, it is important to remember that alcohol can have some very serious adverse reactions to health and society. When too much is consumed, such as wine and other alcoholic beverages, drinking, can affect the immune system, the risk of certain cancers and damage the liver and brain. However, the wine (especially red wine), believed to be useful.

Serge Renaud in the original investigation, it was pointed out that the heart coronary artery disease is linked to the high intake of saturated fats are usually in most countries. The situation appears to be reversed in France, where deaths from heart disease are much smaller than many developed countries, such as, respectively, in the United Kingdom, despite plenty of eating cheese, pudding, and the French pate '. Dr. Reynaud, the French situation peculiar to this is called a Paradox. He declared in the original investigation that the alcohol in the blood also worked as the mechanism of haemostatic wine is considered to be properly balanced in the blood.

Landmark study of piece n of Renaud, as it has been a huge amount of wine in the Health benefits of the research. Sometimes it seems like the new research is published in a few weeks, saying in the wine or spirit is the life of a wonder drug, or a deeply dangerous substance. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle of wine drunk can control as part of a healthy diet. So we are sure that you do not need to feel guilty about picking up a bottle of fruity, delicious Merlot we go to marks and Spencer, the next time. But what is the wine, contributes significantly to the health of it, which features?

The health benefits of wine is believed to be largely on the top of the antioxidants. Today, we all seem to be mad to antioxidants. Their benefits are being extolled in magazines, television and food packaging, but what are these mysterious little fellas? Very short antioxidants are substances that protect the cells in the US, free from the effects of the radicals. Free radicals have nothing to do with anarchism, but the molecules are interfering with our bodies. Antioxidants are found in fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as some of the meat and fish. Food, higher than normal concentrations of antioxidants called super foods. Overall, the antioxidants is good and they are found in the wine.

Originally the antioxidants found in the wine comes from grapes which have been prepared. Grapes and wine polyphenol antioxidants is the type of the antioxidants found in green tea and hot chocolate, among other things,. The most important antioxidants are found in the wine, resveratrol, which is the condensed grape skins. This means that red wine, which retrieves the color of the grape skins and taste, it is more than white wine resveratrol. So, red wine is thought to be the provision of health, in particular.

One of the antioxidants found in the wines of the main advantages are their cancer preventing properties. International Journal of Cancer published in 2004, the investigation found that drinking a glass or two of red wine per day may be of interest for half of the prostate cancer. This might also be something related to the study of the more recent resveratrol in wine, as proposed by. In 2008, the University of Rochester Medical Center researchers have found a cancer of the Pancreas, the cells after irradiation is currently the pre-treated and resveratrol.

Return to cardiovascular diseases (CVD), Dr. Michel de Lorgeril was found during the investigation, Serge Renaud, a colleague was released in 2002 that moderate red wine drinking reduces the risk of attack on the heart, the second. This could very well relate to the group known as saponins, the existence of chemicals red wine. Found in grapes, as well as olive oil, soya saponins skins, preventing the absorption of cholesterol.
The existence of the saporins red wine has been Andrew Waterhouse, Professor of Oenology (wine chemistry) at the University of California, Davis, which also found that the quantity of the chemical from the grapes. Among the koestaa, the Davis group, the red wines of Red Zinfandel, Syrah was detected containing a saporins of the best second-highest. Then, the Pinot noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, which each accounted for approximately the same amount. White wine was much less saporin.

These seemingly beneficial chemicals in red wine, despite the difficulties presented to the French Paradox. The French way of life, was questioned by the wholesomeness (they really are not that healthy and coronary artery disease, in accordance with the declared or rises, because they eat more, really, health policies, in particular, the consumption of food containing transfats)-and to pay attention to other factors that may account for the healthiness of the French (they currently eat less and get more transfats, in the light of the Sun, which will increase in vitamin D and pääväylistä is good).

All the science that has some of the opinion, however, a difference seems to have good reason to believe that drinking red wine is good for you and moderation on your wellbeing. There is nothing quite like sitting laughing with friends in a good dinner and a glass of good wine. It is so good for the soul.

This is a good wine-lovers, so there I guess we toast the good news. Just make sure it is the only one in a glass (or two for special occasions), but then again is the second glass-I look forward to tomorrow, the inventory put-away.

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