Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is organic milk is safer than conventional milk?

Use strict about organic milk only, buy a few years ago, but finally I stopped due to an increase in cost. Purchases of organic milk made it seems to me to properly support the information about the goods, the agricultural policies, and I thought, my body put foods on the cleaner was.

Now, in 2011, it shows us the conventional milk supply and farming practices are being cleaned. So should we buy organic or conventional milk?

Did you know that most all of the milk is antibiotic free? There are strict rules regarding the testing, and in most countries. If the cow requires antibiotics for disease and disability, cow milking, either delete or processed and no antibiotics when the milking, discovered the cow no longer returns back.

First of all, the cows will produce a small number of animals of the bovine somatotropin-releasing hormone, which causes the production of milk. But in 1994, produced the first artificial growth from Monsanto hormone, rBGH or rBST. in 2000, more than 25 countries banned rBGH. United States has banned rBGH milk, but the majority of the farmers do not use it for public demand. United States, it is expected that around 5% to 15% of the farmers continue to use rBGH. Although the FDA says rBGH milk is safe, I can prevent it.

So if you can buy the hormone and antibiotic free of conventional milk, essence-in-hand with farming practices. Most of the milk must come from the small farmers.All farms, of which mostly are not 100% grass-fed dairy cows.Organic cows not fed GMO foodstuffs. organic agriculture farms does not use synthetic chemicals, which may end up in the milk.Organic cows are treated in a higher quality, but it is difficult to know how this is "high quality".Some researchers speculate that the quality of organic milk is higher and higher in omega-3.

It is really a personal decision, you can choose from organic or conventional milk or not. A little taste of one of the priority work. Regardless of whether the skimmed milk is a high-quality protein, calcium and healthy drink in Moderation is a good source. For me, I will try to buy organic when I can. What about you?

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