Saturday, July 16, 2011

The new shape to win a cookie an allergen-free Magazine-the prize

Alisa Fleming ~ an allergen-free or not, the new Crispy Vanilla Mini cookies , handles the HomeFree are garnering some serious praise. They just received the best Magazine in the shape of low-calorie Snack Prize! The shape, these gluten-free, milk and nut kernel in whole nuts, cookies, editors, "has just the right amount of sweetness, and they don't like a wheat free, low-resolution baked goods."

This method was also featured in a brief HomeFree video that was made on the WPIX-TV, Pix morning news. HomeFree treats, Jill Robbins was the founder of elated in the news, "I think that people are excited to hear that the Allergen-free product is recognised by the mainstream is delicious and healthful for all!"

Crunchy Vanilla Mini cookies are top 8 allergens, certified gluten free kosher pareve, vegaani, breakfast, organic (70%) and the whole grain, a good source. They are the subject of the 5-Ounce boxes, and also serve for one to go in and Grab the bags of comfort and service of food. If not found locally, consumers can speak in their local stores, schools and request products from the camps.

Run your own dedicated HomeFree treats of the port facility, is not peanuts, nuts, eggs, no, no no dairy and wheat to that.  For more information, visit

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