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Vegetables, lean muscle growth?

Is there anything in the green leaf vegetables can do for you?

Already, we knew that eating plenty of vegetables, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. Vegetables also helps you maintain a healthy weight, and they protect against inflammation.

But now, shows that the vegetables are also a fantastic building strong, lean muscle mass.

Published in the last cell metabolism--February and a summary of the study in science daily, green leafy vegetables may help the body's cells, including the mitokondrioissa of the muscle cells, work more efficiently. What are mitokondrioissa? Mitokondrioissa are sometimes called "power plants" in the cells. They are the organelles that produce energy in a way that cells cannot work properly. They also convert food to energy of the molecules of nutrients, which uses the entire body.

When you eat lots of spinach, parsley, Kohlrabi or other green leafy vegetables, you give with nitrates, which make your body work better and mitokondrioissa pose less of a need of oxygen in your workouts. In other words, you can work comfortably, without emotion, you get, as though are gasping for breath.

Also, you will have more energy to the rest of your day you go to, than information, but I suspect that most of the energy, you'll find just the course!

Can not reproduce the effect of eating a big green salad, turn on the add-on (in the case that you were thinking of it!). Nitrates in food, need to work with bacteria in your mouth, so that the effective use of the body. In fact, the bacteria in your mouth plays an important part of the nutrients of such treatment, researchers are now speculating that, effective for preventing mouthwashes, green leafy vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables are also rich in glutamine, an amino acid, which is often the body builders as a supplement. The amino acids are the building blocks of the proteins, and protein helps build muscle mass of the body. Believe it or not, green leafy vegetables are of fairly good sources of protein, is a good idea, even if their diet from the rest of the protein. Even though Glutamine may be supplemented, for other benefits, such as, for example, the effect of nitrates on my mitokondrioissa, not to mention the vegetable shapes, with fibre, if you get your own dietary sources such as Glutamine parsley, spinach and broccoli.

However, if you really care about, I for salad, alternatives. One is your own smoothie juice Greens.

Try this simple recipe:

Fill Blender half of spinach, and then add the three bananas and two cups of water (and ice cream as much as you want). The tomato puree and you need a sweet green smoothies, which does not taste like spinach, regardless of how "green", it seems. You can also add some red beets, which are also rich in nitrates.

Vegetables are useful for strengthening the muscle of any age, but they are particularly important for older adults. as of 2008, the investigation showed that the increase in carotenes (substances that cause the vibrant colors of vegetables such as Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale, cabbage, and tomatoes), the content of the plasma is related to the greater of hip, knee, and older adults, the grip.

That same year, the American Journal of clinical nutrition published the investigation it was found that older adults who had increased their urine concentrations of potassium also had higher percentages of the lean muscle mass. Potassium, mineral oil, it is important for muscle contraction and relaxation, can be found in the Chard, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, squash, Eggplant and tomatoes. In General, ecologically sustainable and the leafier of plants, the better, or of the plants, more lively nongreen vegetable color is, the better.

Certain vegetables help protect your own muscles to exhaustion as a result of referring to the paragraph arose from accidental damage. Use of Overdoing can cause a decrease in the capacity of the antioxidants muscle tissue. But in 2009 the research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, cruciferous vegetables was associated with, eat the muscle tissue, increasing capacity to antioxidants after the exercise, the acute exhaustive. In other words, eating the vegetable shapes on a regular basis means that you will recover more quickly after the muscle tissue of the intense workout.
To think that these are not only the benefits of Eating vegetables! As you know (except where you've lived in one of the stone below the head), vegetables (and fruit) are also powerhouses, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

This is a topic for another day, but the green leafy vegetables are actually better for more sources of calcium than milk, hyödynnettävästä, and therefore can be an important role in protecting your own bones to muscles. Again, I have to ask-the-Green, is there anything can leaf vegetables?

Written by Brett Warren, a biochemical researcher at, which is based in Boston. He cites his expertise to work on a daily basis through the development of sports supplements force multiplier. Brett love weightlifting gym and working almost as much as he loves his job. Brett spends a force multiplier, in addition to his work a lot of time with his family, hiking, biking, outdoors and temporary.

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