Monday, July 25, 2011

Yoghurt labels and choose wisely (1)

greek-yogurt.jpgGrocery store yogurt isle can leave You confused with the edit of what is really the yoghurt of the wholesomeness.

It seems like a new yoghurt products from the competition for attention all the time. Some yogurts are full of sugar and other sweeteners, artificial loads. Yoghurt is, however, always a good source of calcium.

So, whether there really healthy yoghurt and what we look like?

Light: This means that the food is at least one-third fewer calories and half the fat compared to the product on a regular basis. Light yogurt contains an average of 10 and 17 grams of sugar in place of the six Ounce. Yogurt light with the problem is that they make use of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, sugar substitute. In some countries, avoiding aspartame and others consider to be safe. I advise people to avoid it when they can. Is not containing added sugar: This is basically a fake yoghurt. They will use the substances in the milk protein to create a product that is not the real thing, if close to the nearby. In addition, it is used as a light yoghurt to artificial sweeteners. (The exception to this rule would be all natural, ordinary varieties.)Fat free or Low Fat: This does not necessarily mean less sugar. Most contain about 30 grams of sugar, of not less than six Ounces of the place of secondment. : Organic Sometimes this is a good choice, because it is natural, contains probiotics and has less sugar (about 20-30 grams per Cup) fat-free yogurt as a regular.Greek: This yoghurt is strained, so that it is thicker and contains the actual protein higher amounts. Greek yoghurt, which tend to be the most natural and do not contain any artificial sweeteners. Information about Greek yoghurt for additional advantage is that the level of sugar to be lower than most. Try to select the brand, which includes 10-18 grams of sugar in place of the six Ounce.Soy: A good option for those who can not tolerate, or do not wish to consume dairy products.: A Probiotic Check the always say contains live and active cultures in yoghurt. If yogurt is made only with the cultures, they are likely to be disposed of according to the period after you eat. Probiotics are a good way to add healthy gut bacteria.We have to remember that even if all yogurts contain some amount of sugar, a large part of it is the natural milk sugar, lactose. The important thing is to remember to read the title. Small amounts of fat free or low fat dairy products in moderation is an excellent way to connect to the CA and to maintain health.

That is your own healthy yoghurt on your favorite brand?

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