Thursday, July 21, 2011

Animal nutrition testicles

Chefs from around the world have meant the world each year and the crazed Bee Aphrodisiac in Serbia held this coming September.

One of the objectives of the competition is to raise awareness of the health benefits of eating testicles and accountable way to use a greater share of production supplied by the animal protein in the call.

However, what is the bull, nutrition, and the sheep pig or testicle should you start asking the user a meat trader, save some?

Nutrition information is testicles had been a little difficult to trace (not surprisingly), but this is what I found.

Ramp Size: 100 g (3.5 oz) of Calories: 135Protein: 26gFat: 3gCholesterol: 375mgCarbohydrates: 1 g
I found the random access memory (RAM) on the Testicle, which had a similar number from bovine and porcine animals, but the parts listed in addition to mineral water to more information.

Sodium: 171mgPotassium: 380mgIron: 6% Phospherous: 26%: 3% zinc, magnesium: the testicles promote as Aphrodisiac, because they are intended to include also the testosterone to 13%. You should, however, that what I have read, eat them raw for benefit. About the testosterone, says injektioiden is considered to be the heat from the syrum for this hormone breaks down.

Well, personally I do not think I will add my testicles but a diet, to each his own. They are a good source of lean protein and should complete the diet or the 17 days of the Dukan diet of the people. Seems awfully high cholesterol testicles, where I found the source is correct, that is higher than the recommended daily allowance. Cholesterol is needed to produce testosterone, so this would make sense.

I agree with the notion that the animal in the edible parts of a lot to get wasted, but I do not want to be one is to eat them. You eat a bull or a sheep testicles in pigs, if they were available in their own meat dealer?

Sources: American Oil Chemists Society, 1965 (vol. 42, page 540), the journal

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