Monday, July 25, 2011

Multivitamins don't cause hunger?

Multivitamins cause hunger is a myth that he is now a few years. Many of the women taking prenatal vitamins, say, the experience is even more hungry.
This is a coincidence of the placebo effect or the truth, is?
First of all, is the scientific evidence that will cause a greater hunger. multivitamins Maybe when people start taking multivitamins, they begin to eat breakfast, is also, therefore, the promotion of their metabolism. Maybe those who take multivitamins are more likely to eat the unbalanced diet, which could be lower by filling in the fruit and vegetables. Those who take the prenatal vitamins are likely to be pregnant and much greater hunger naturally.
Then there is the placebo effect. For those who are aware of the myth is apparent from the start because of hunger, they believe, is true.
There are so many theories out there, why some claim they are hungry. Some speculate that they are deficient in the vitamin b vitamin can take that will help to speed up their metabolism and create the hunger. There is no evidence for this, so nobody really knows.

The best idea would be to see a registered dietitian if you have been feeling hungry at certain times during the day or when taking a multivitamin. Dietitian, perhaps for the determination of the cause of hunger.
It is also important to remember that not everyone needs to take a multivitamin to be healthy. The aim is to obtain all the necessary nutrients in your diet.
While some multivitamins that contain ingredients help control hunger. You can buy a weight control multivitamins that contain ingredients such as green tea extract, CLA and chromium. Science does not have the strength of these additions, but it shows only a thin chance that multivitamins could help with the management of the printing.
Have you ever experienced hunger after taking multivitamin?

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