Monday, July 18, 2011

Process arrows for human health?

We have been told over and over that is overweight perusasemassa errors. But we never hear is a thin, unhealthy aspects.

There is a risk that is too thin?

Of course, the person may be too thin (Underweight) with BMI less than 18.5. When a person's BMI falls below 18.5 risk factors to soar.

The following is a list of the risks, you can enter yourself, when you contact the BMI underweight approaching the area:

Osteopenia/osteoporosis: 2, paragraph 1, of the women are very likely to get osteoporosis later in life. The woman is thin places is subject to greater risk breaking bones later in life. Because of the thin women to run around a pound less, they introduced the bones and joints of lower stress levels, which does not help bone growth. In addition, thin women have less fat mass, and thus produces less estrogen. Estrogen is the key to healthy bones.:

Infertility Thin men and women are at risk of infertility. Again, take the mass of fat is not enough to cause interference in the production of the hormone is to disturb the menstrual cycles leading to women and the lower sperm counts of men.

Inflammatory, and weakened immune system: Body will begin to recognize the immune system becomes weakened malnourishment, and weakened immune systems are susceptible to

 inflammation. While working for the conservation of plant, the proper, it is difficult to maintain a healthy immune system, when you do not have a macro and micro nutrients are needed.If someone is underweight, is usually easier to get a few pounds to lose some pounds. A few extra snacks, adding some strength exercises and by adding a few more nutrient dense foods of the day is, it happens sometimes. It is better to maintain a healthy weight and is thin (not underweight) and today's standards as you want is overweight. Finally, it is imprtant to ask your doctor decide how healthy your weight really is.

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