Sunday, July 24, 2011

Health: fanaticism we look at diet and exercise by the mystery cults

Religion and politics, Yes, add the fray is assumed to nutrition. The industry and in the blogosphere--in my experience, I have noticed people in the kaivannoissa, take the best possible state of health of the selected paths very seriously. And a very serious and I mean that many of the borders and the obsessed, dare I say cultish.
This will be a multi-part series that will examine the various nutritional, exercise and health in the development of the first to cross over into fanatical. This installment focuses on health, to recognize the cult ".
The group displays excessively unquestioning commitment to its Director, and the loved one/philosophy and (whether he is alive or dead) regards his Belief system, ideology, and practices as the truth, as law. Questioning suspect dissent is minimized or the leadership of the discouragedThe, sometimes in great detail, how members should think, Act and feel. Proposal for a regulation of the power of the leaders in this heavily while playing-descendants. The group is elitist, ask for a special, exalted status itself, its leader (s) and members (for example, the Director shall be deemed to be the Messiah, the specific avatars, are currently under-or a group or a special mission to rescue the President of mankind). The Group has polarized us-and-for those thinking patterns, which may cause the conflict to a wider social-outsider vs. insider dealing doctrine.Director shall not be responsible for all of the authorities-in particular the scientific community. "Group-think, "If the approaches are recommended in the individualism is only permitted insofar as the nutritional leader. The rigid rules and regulations-eating, never grounded a good rarely in science. Most of the members of the faithful ("true believers"), it seems, can not be the best per-not the State of health than the one they have chosen the path. Consider themselves and their authorities, "forward thinkers" and think that if only the rest of the world "to get it," we would be happy, healthy and high in the lean on the planet. Eating and they are in favour of the authorities, which are on the way to the media, Government and researchers that practised by the persecution of the victims. The victim's thinking patterns-which they feel slighted by the "non-believers". Excessive dependency on the logical fallacies to defend the case mentioned in the body.The Group of extremists claiming a few bad apples, "", and "the loved one, more than any other group".Obliviousness, that they are in fact part of the cult of the chosen path of health, in defence of the reality. Excessive dependence on one (or a small handful) of the book "demonstrates" that they promote. In the next few episodes I look forward to seeing some of the most visible nutrition zealots. I am looking for special diets and we look at the difference it makes sense to
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