Thursday, July 21, 2011

You can use the hormone Ghrelin, is the cause of Overeating?

Ghrelin is a powerful hormone that affects or may lose their weight.

Its importance is often overlooked. Ghrelin is a hormone that increases the feeling of your own to increase hunger and, therefore, the intake of food. It is also responsible for the so-called "food contact" hormone.

So what can we get more information about managing our weight? Ghrelin
First of all, it is important to get a good night's sleep, usually for at least seven hours. The sleep mode will increase in Ghrelin levels and can contribute to increased hunger and weight gain. Most of the people producing the largest quantities of Normal sleep Ghrelin hours, since Ghrelin production is bound to the body's natural circadian rhythm. So for those who work the night shift or the night of the late hours to postpone, until you are more likely than the early rise in bed, early and intense overweight.

In recent years, researchers have been able to produce a vaccine against obesity, which can block the effects of Ghrelin. The vaccine is only enabled in rats and the initial stage of testing. Possibly could be a vaccine that helps to control appetite and hunger idea is unthinkable.

However, some people are born with modified genes and hormones, which could lead to the abnormal production of Ghrelin. These people get the best benefits of such a vaccine.

It is important to maintain contact with the body, and understand the hunger occur, so that you understand why paastoaa can, in different ways. A good way to practice this must Allow themselves to experience the feeling hungry before satisfying yourself for 20 minutes. Listen to your body and what are the details on how you feel.

See if you have at different times of the day, overcoming the differences in feelings of hunger.

Perhaps some of the feelings of "hunger" is not really the true feelings of hunger at all, but instead due to the need for emotional. The more we become aware of, and in-touch, the healthier we are able to receive the bodies.

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